Training Methods and Tracking Process

Dear Parents,

If you have been in our program before, welcome back to Summer Intensives! If you are returning, we have made some amazing changes this year which have enhanced the children’s learning process and are excited to integrate it into our Summer Intensive program. If you are new to our program, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and explain what we do (beyond just offering swim lessons) and how we do it.

We have been in business for over 14 years and have taught thousands of children in the Treasure Valley how to swim.

A little background on our philosophy: “FLOW” stands for Fundamentals of Learning to be One with the Water.

We are a bit “untraditional” in our teaching practices but we are also on the leading edge of swimming technique. Unlike traditional swimming instruction, which focuses on an individual’s pulling and kicking strength to move through the water (creating struggle and energy drainage), our philosophy is grounded on offering a newfound sense of relaxation and comfort by teaching our students to swim “from the inside out.” Using easy-to-learn progressions, we will give your swimmers a new appreciation and enjoyment for the water.

Hence, our saying: We Don’t ‘Swim’…We FLOW!

Sometimes, parents may initially have concerns due to the fact that their children don’t seem to be doing things they are capable of doing. We normally spend the first day assessing a child’s abilities and ensuring they have the fundamentals down, such as proper air exchange (being able to blow air out of the nose), trusting the water (having the proper body position when floating and being able to relax when doing it), and propulsion (kicking the proper way) in order to enhance their progression to higher levels. Once they know these fundamental skills, their journey to more efficient swimming will be much easier. However, if you have any concerns regarding your child’s progress during lessons, please speak with the Deck Supervisor to get your questions answered. If there is no Deck Supervisor available, please direct your questions to the Front Desk Staff and they will ensure the message gets passed along.

TRACKING PROCESS (if you purchased the registration pack)

We have a two-part tracking process, which should help you understand where your children are in their swimming journey and what they are working on. They all should have received two things before attending lessons:

1) A colored bracelet or two

2) Your choice of either small book or pamphlet (or swimming passport, as we call it). This passport lists all the levels and the skills which correspond with these levels. (If your child did not receive a passport, please let us know.)


Lead-Up Skills: The first 12 skills in every level are what we call “Lead-Up” skills. These are skills we’ll work on which will “lead your child up” to passing the benchmark skills. We would like them to pass all of these skills, but it not necessary to pass every single Lead-Up skill to pass a level.

Benchmark Skills: These are mandatory skills required to pass a level. These Safety and Water skills are listed beneath the Lead-Up skills in the Passport. (On their Bracelet: Safety = S, Water = W.)

In order to pass the level, your child must pass the Safety and Swim skills (get both their S and W punched off their bracelet). Students will receive ribbons for the bolded skills in the passport after they have mastered them.


All of our levels are color coded:

Stage 1: Trusting Turtles – Teal

Stage 2: Balancing Belugas – Blue (Navy)

Stage 3: Propelling Penguins – Purple

Stage 4: Rotating Rays – Raspberry

Stage 5: Swimming Sea Dragons – Sienna (Orange)

When your child has completed a skill, we’ll punch out the number on their bracelet, so you can follow their progress in their pamphlet and know exactly what they have been working on.

** IMPORTANT! If your child brings you a “White Card” with something circled or checked on it, please take it to the front desk and turn it in for a Ribbon.

You may also find that your child may be working on two levels at one time (i.e. they have two bracelets). In our program, even though your child may not have passed “all” the skills in their current level, if they have passed a majority of the fundamental skills to move forward, we will start working on some more advanced concepts in the next level up. We will continue to work on both levels until they are complete, but this process allow us to tailor the classes to each student’s individual needs.

Thank you for the opportunity you have given us to help your child FLOW! If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail summerinfo@flowaquatics.com, or call (208) 855-2212, then dial extension 1# or 2#.

Until next time… Happy FLOWing!

Shannon Hamrick, Owner/Coach

FLOW Aquatics, LLC