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Be Family and Mask Up

FLOW’S RESPONSE TO NEW CDC GUIDANCE Dear FLOW Family,  We are aware of the CDC’s new guidance in regards to vaccinated people now having the choice to not wear a mask in indoor public spaces.  We absolutely understand the desire to not want to be infringed upon by wearing a mask…to be free. We also […]

True Comfort — The FLOW Way

At FLOW Aquatics Swim School, we do things a little differently.  In addition to teaching our students the most advanced and innovative swimming techniques, we help them find true comfort in the water.  Please let us explain… We have a saying: some kids are “cats” in the water and some kids are “dogs.”   These pictures […]

Navigating the Waters With FLOW – Love Vs Fear

In this time when so much is unknown, and information overload is rampant, it can be difficult to know where to put our attention.  Sometimes, we bring our focus to what we do not want – and this can create fear. If we shift our focus to what we have and the possibilities presented to […]

Body Awareness – Fight or “Be One”

TEACHING about BODY AWARENESS PART 2: FIGHT OR “ BE ONE” WITH THE WATER Resist or Go with the FLOW When faced with obstacles or challenges, we have a choice. We can resist or go with the FLOW.  This choice is especially important when swimming.   We can fight with the water or “be one” with […]

Body Awareness (Tight vs Soft)

TEACHING BODY AWARENESS  PART 1: A TIGHT vs SOFT BODY True comfort (achieved by developing our “turtle senses”) comes from realizing that our bodies are buoyant in the water.  If we learn to stay calm and “soft like a jellyfish,” our bodies actually fall up in the water, not down.   Body awareness is integral to […]

Teaching Breath

Breath on Land Air is an integral part of life. Without it, we cannot survive. If we are deprived of it, we panic.   What causes panic in the water?  Feeling like we can’t breathe! We breathe in and out all day long, but often, we do not learn how to fill our lungs fully with […]

Helping Each Other Help Others – Holiday Fundraiser

HELPING EACH OTHER, HELP OTHERS By creating opportunities to help each other, we can make a bigger impact helping others!!   This year we are banding together with fellow businesses within our FLOW Family and raffling off some incredible prizes for our Holiday Fundraiser, in support of: Boise’s Got Faith is local to the Treasure […]

Teaching a Calm Body

In today’s world, our schedules are sometimes very full. Children are often moving at a fast pace when they arrive at swim lessons and it may be difficult for them to slow down, focus, and feel what their bodies are doing in the water. PAUSING AND NOTICING With this in mind, we begin lessons by […]

What is True Comfort in the Water?

We’ve always had a saying, some kids are “cats” in the water. Some are “dogs.” Easy to see the difference. However, just because a child enjoys the water, is not afraid of it, and/or can swim from point A to point B, does not mean they are truly “comfortable.” We are not saying children cannot […]

CELEBRATING Elliot Potts – Becoming ‘One with the Water.’

We wanted to celebrate Elliot Potts!!  This amazing young lady has had a long journey with water and overcoming her fears.  Elliot started with us almost 4 years ago and it’s been such a pleasure to watch her FLOW journey and grow as a “turtle in training.” We are pleased to announce she has graduated […]