Turtle In Training Adventure Guide

Turtles are animals that thrive on the land and in the water.  They are able to find balance and are truly comfortable in both environments.  We want you to be able to do the same! In fact, we consider all of our students’ and parents’ Turtles In Training and are excited to teach you the Turtle (FLOW) Way.

As a Turtle in Training, you will learn about 3 skills that will help you thrive on the land and in the water. We call this True Comfort – The FLOW Way. First, we will teach you these skills on land.  Once you have developed these abilities on land, we will teach you how to adapt these skills to the water environment at home.

As you complete each adventure, please visit the: Turtle In Training Adventure Discovery Log and add your answers to the questions related to your discoveries for each Adventure.

After each Adventure, we will offer an interactive “Adventure Connection” Zoom (video-conferencing) call, where children can interact with FLOW Adventure Guides and Smile Makers as they further explore skills in more detail. 

When you complete your Adventure Discovery Log and return to your “at-the-pool lessons”, you will receive a Turtle In Training Certificate and a prize for completing these adventures and persevering through challenging times.  We are so excited to see you and reward our newest Turtles in Training!!

Adventures On Land 

  • Adventure 1:  Body Awareness

During this adventure, you will explore body awareness.  You will learn what it is, why it is important and how to develop this skill.

  • Adventure 2:  Breath Awareness

During this adventure, you will discover your body’s natural breath and experiment with different ways of breathing. 

  • Adventure 3: Calm Body 

Now that you understand how to “tune-in” to your body and are more aware of your breath, you will explore different ways to use your breath to calm your body.

Adventures In the Water

  • Adventure 4: Calm Body 

You learned to calm your body while you are on land.  Now you will bring those abilities to the water so you can calm your body before, during and after your water exercises.. 

  • Adventure 5: Breath Awareness

Now that you have a better understanding of your natural breath,  you will learn how to adapt your breath to “breathe” comfortably in the water.  

  • Adventure 6: Body Awareness

Part 1: Tight vs Soft Body

During this adventure, you will use your awareness of your body to help you recognize when your body is tight and learn how to relax your body in the water.  

Part 2: Body Alignment

During this adventure, you will learn to adjust your alignment in the water and allow your body’s natural buoyancy to help you float and move more efficiently in the water.  You will learn to swim “smarter” not harder.