Adult Instruction


Depending on your ability level and goals, you will start with easy to master skill progressions which will eventually evolve into whole stroke swimming. Continued practice will make your swimming experience more relaxed, effortless, and efficient. Who knows, you may begin to enjoy it and even become “One with the Water!”


Private Instruction (1:1 student instructor ratio): Single Lesson:                         $70             (1 – 1hr lesson) Package Lessons:             $270             (4 – 1 hr lessons) Semi-Private Instruction (2:1 student instructor ratio): Package Lessons:            $140             (4 – 1 hr lessons) Filming & Analysis                        $45 per 1/2 hr Underwater “digital” filming from the front, side and above; analysis of all filming and emailed video of analysis


Behind every great athlete resides an enabling foundation of technique fundamentals, permitting seemingly effortless, and efficient, individual performance. To truly master swimming, time must be expended focusing on the fundamentals and programming or reprogramming (as the case may be) your neurological pathways before swimming can become effortless, efficient, and of course fast! If you are tired of struggling in the water and are ready to find a “better” way, join us for one of our 3 hour Freestyle Workshops and get ready to FLOW!


  • Freestyle Fundamentals: $150
  • Workshop Follow-Ups*: $75 for 5-1hr sessions
  • PACKAGE DEAL: $215 for Workshop, Plus 5 – 1 hr sessions
  • All Follow-ups take place at Axiom Parkcenter on Sunday mornings from 8am – 9am. There is a discount for Axiom Members. If you are a member please let us know when you are inquiring.


  • To register for swim instruction or to get more information, please call FLOW Aquatics Swim School at (208) 855-2212 Opt 3.


If you are comfortable swimming at least 500 yards of freestyle and want to swim with a group, while improving your technique as well as learning other strokes, the Tues/Thurs 5:30am – 6:30pm training group will fit the bill. All practices are at Axiom Parkcenter. *Payments taken through Front Desk at Axiom Parkcenter. Tell them you are interested in the Swim Training under Group X

INSTRUCTION FEES (paid to Axiom):

  • $55 a month
  • $35 for Axiom Members
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