FLOW Journey for Fish Out of Water

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Since our in-the-pool swimming lessons are on hold at this time, we have developed an at-home Fish Out Of Water Journey for you and your children.  Over the next several weeks, we will share adventures that will enable your children to continue to develop their “Turtle In Training” skills and be better prepared when they return to the pool.

The Journey to True Comfort

Turtles are animals that thrive on the land and in the water.  They are able to find balance and are truly comfortable in both environments.  

At FLOW, we have identified 3 foundational skills that are integral to “True Comfort” on land and in the water.  Since “land” is our most familiar environment, we will first focus on teaching these skills on land.  Once the children learn these skills on land, we will teach them how to adapt these skills to the water environment at home.

We will start our Fish Out Of Water Journey by developing the 3 foundational skills:

  1.  Body awareness – the ability to recognize the state of our bodies
  2.  Breath awareness – the ability to breathe efficiently
  3.  Calming our bodies – the ability to use our breath to relax and calm our bodies

Journey Equipment (Maps, Logs, Exploration Calls, and Rewards)

Adventure Guide

We have provided a Turtle in Training Adventure Guide as a map of what to expect on your Journey.  For PDF printable version, please click here: Adventure Guide PDF

Discovery Log

As you complete each Adventure, please log your discoveries in our: Turtle In Training Adventure Discovery Log.  

  • Please make sure to look for an email from Google Forms labeled “Turtle In Training Adventure Discovery Log.” 
  • You will need it for future Adventures as it has an “Edit Response” button on there.
  • This will enable you to go back into “your log” and add new information to your previous responses versus creating a “new” response.

Connection & Further Exploration Opportunity

After each Adventure, we will offer an interactive “Exploration Connection” Zoom (video-conferencing) call, where children can interact with FLOW Adventure Guides and Smile Makers as they further explore skills in more detail. 

Completion of Journey Reward

Each student who completes the guide will be given a special Turtles in Training certificate and will be eligible for a prize when our “in-the-pool” lessons resume.  Enjoy!  

The Adventures Begin…

Adventures On Land 

Adventure 1:  Body Awareness begins HERE

Adventure 2:  Breath Awareness

Adventure 3: Calm Body 

Adventures In the Water

Adventure 4: Calm Body 

Adventure 5: Breath Awareness

Adventure 6: Body Awareness

  • Part 1: Tight vs Soft Body
  • Part 2: Body Alignment