Friday Night Races

Friday Night Races

Every parents knows: fall is a crazy time of year, whether it means helping your kiddos readjust to a school routine, or the subsequent juggling of schedules around classes and extracurricular activities. Here at FLOW Aquatics, it was nothing short of that, but we still hustled to host our first Friday Night Races—for the first time in our new pool—and it went swimmingly!



Friday Night Races aren’t your everyday swim meet. As a swim school that prides ourselves on teaching kids to swim from the inside out (after all, our mantra is “We don’t swim, we FLOW”), we aim to help our students focus on the effectiveness of their strokes. In essence, it’s not about how fast you go, but how pretty it looks.




 See what some of our guests had to say about Friday Night Races:

“It is good for Carter to focus on form and technique, rather than speed, like he is used to in city swim meets. The encouraging atmosphere from the coaches, all the parents, and swimmers made for an educational and fun experience for all involved. Carter enjoyed it so much that he asked why FLOW Aquatics doesn’t do it every Friday!”

“My daughter Julienne definitely had a great time at the Friday Night Race and she is looking forward to upcoming races. It made her realize the importance of perfecting her swimming techniques. Swimming at FLOW Aquatics gives her so much—fitness, health, and friendships.”

“This was Emma’s first race and she was sooooo nervous (I thought she might cry!). I just kept telling her it wasn’t about time, just practicing her strokes and doing the best she can. It really helped that Coach Shannon described the strokes a little before they began.  Once she was done and realized how well she’d done, it helped a lot with the nerves. She was so proud of herself and took her medal to school the next day to show it off.  It was just the confidence booster she needed; we can’t wait to do it again. Thanks for putting it together and all the work you do for the kids!”

“Aaron loved it. He said this one was the best ever and wishes the races would be more often.”


All said and done, we couldn’t have asked for a better turnout, and everyone had a blast! See our slideshow below for a recap of the November event.

If you missed this round of Friday Night Races, don’t worry—we will be hosting our next event March 11. Mark your calendars, we hope to see you there!